Friday, 17 January 2014
Welcome to robmax:.
ImageOur team would like to introduce you to the robmax® method and framework for optimizing automated manufacturing operations. robmax delivers radical improvement in robotics, especially in automotive industry Body In White operations.

The robmax method utilizes Six Sigma and applies Lean Manufacturing in highly automated operations to achieve optimal performance, not attainable without robmax real time data acquisition and analytics.

No automotive OEM or BIW parts supplier responding to current market conditions should be without robmax optimization technology. Other industries with substantial robotics investment should also deploy robmax and can expect similar success.

Welcome to robmax.


"It’s crazy to always do things the same way, and to hope for other results."

Like Einstein, robmax has noticed some shortcomings in the way many companies work (with robots). The common application of Lean Manufacturing in fabrication with robotics is fundamentally only the use of TPM. Value stream mapping and design are generally only implemented in structuring material flows. Continuous improvement or process optimization for robots is usually only addressed with stopwatch and video camera efforts that mimics basic industrial engineering principles without the sophistication now available through „reading“ real time data from the robots themselves. In that sense, robmax „listens“ to the robots by reading the data from them and „corrects“ them in defining the program or process changes necessary to achieve the opportunities robmax identifies in the robot data feeds.

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